About Us

We are a faith-based addictions ministry. We offer a 6-month in-house residence program that includes 600+ hours of Bible Study and worship and over 300 hours of community service. <strong>To enter our program, we ask that you attend Chapel on Saturdays at 10:00. At the end of worship, men are given the opportunity to come forward to join. After the worship service, you will fill out an Admission Form and be interviewed. Admission fee is $200.</strong> We ask that potential residents come back for atleast two Chapel Services.  Residents have the option to stay at The Other Side for an additional 6 months to a year in our Phase 2 portion of the program.

We do not accept applicants that are on anti-depressants, pain medication or psychiatric medications. We also do not accept applicants with a past history of violent behavior or sexual misconduct. We also do not accept anyone from jail or prison. We ask that potential residents get this part of their life behind them before coming to rehab.

We are not a detox facility, and we are not a homeless facility.

Residents are in a 28-day blackout when they enter the facility. This period of time helps the resident focus on their relationship with God. They do not have access to a phone;  After the 28-day blackout, residents can receive mail and write letters. They are allowed one phone call a month.